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Are you looking for fulfillment in love or clarity in career and finances? Get answers to your questions. Find the fulfillment you deserve and your ultimate life today! What are you waiting for?

Receive personalized guidance from a gifted Psychic.

The focus of my readings is on your personal and spiritual growth.

Imagine the possibilities!

What Clients Are Saying About Bill

Bill is very genuine, and very talented. He’s been providing me honest advice and guidance for the last two years and is always on target and senses what I need for my highest good. If you are considering having a reading, even if you're sceptical, I'd highly recommend psychic Bill!!
- N Cepeda

Extremely details and accurate readings, answered all of my questions and more! Highly recommend!
- Klarissa Lovejoy

Tarot Card Readings

I use tarot cards to assist clients to understand their circumstances better. To help clients integrate and understand their every day experiences, relationships, career, money, family and the way forward, I also use my psychic abilities, practical skills and intuition.

I assist clients to explore specific questions as well, with a down-to-earth, easy-going style, caring, and humor.

When I give readings I do not want to know anything about the person before I start. When someone calls me for a reading all I want is their first name and when they want to come for their appointment. I believe it is my job to give the information. Plus, knowing anything about the person I’m reading before I begin influences the reading. I start each appointment with a general reading. In many cases I can pick up on the person’s questions and what’s going on in their life as well as the outcomes before they ask their questions. I give credit to Shirlee Teabo and Elva May for this approach. They taught me how to read cards.

The experience of presenting information to the person I am reading without consciously knowing anything about them or their questions beforehand is validation for both of us that I am connected to them.
Psychic Readings Seattle


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Psychic Love & Career Readings
Psychic Love & Career Readings
Psychic Love & Career Readings
Psychic Love & Career Readings
Psychic Love & Career Readings

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Psychic Readings Seattle
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You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a reading. Receiving a reading is to be considered entertainment and educational in nature and should be viewed as such. This information is for individual and private purposes. It is not intended for medical or psychological diagnosis or prognosis. Bill Champlin does not claim to treat or cure disease. If you choose to have a reading with Bill, you agree that there will be no guarantees, implied warranties or assurances of any kind. Bill is not responsible for interpretations made or used by recipients of messages. Information provided in your reading is not meant to be a substitute for services provided by a medical doctor, mental health professional, financial advisor, attorney or clergy person. After making a purchase you agree there will be no refunds issued.

Cancellation Policy
You may cancel and reschedule yourself prior to three hours before your appointment time. There is a no refund policy in place for appointments booked and not conducted because I cannot get in touch with the client. The client reserved the time. Once notice of your appointment is received you will be texted guidelines. Please verify that you have read the guidelines with a response text.

Psychic Readings Seattle