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Monday - Thursday, 1pm to 8pm
Friday, 4pm to 6pm
Saturday and Sunday, 1pm to 6pm

Tarot Card Readings

Please note: I DO NOT want any personal information before a reading.

Do you have questions about love life, career or financial situation? Get a tarot card reading today! I am available for readings by phone or in person in Tacoma, Washington.

Guidelines For Receiving A Reading:

* Sorry, no children or animals allowed!

Before I read for clients I always prepare with meditation and clearing. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing to do readings. This is one of the main reasons I require an appointment for a reading. That way it gives me time to do my meditation and clearing before I read for someone.

I respect my clients enough to prepare and have good and abundant energy when I read for them.

I don't want to know about a client or what their questions are before the reading. I start off with a general reading consisting of two spreads of cards. The first spread represents what's going on, the second spread is what's coming up. Then I ask the client for their questions.

* It is always inappropriate to ask a reader questions based on another reader's information.

Akashic Records Readings (Soul History)

Guidelines For An Akashic Records Reading:

It is my experience that Akashic Records Readings are generally misunderstood. These readings are meant to answer basic global questions such as what is my purpose and how do I grow spiritually. I ask that you put a little more effort into preparing for this type of reading as compared to a tarot card reading. Please view the following guidelines for understanding Akashic Records Readings.

(The reading may include information about past lives.)

* Must be at least 18 years of age
* Sorry, no children or animals allowed!
* Please note: I am not a medium. Relationship Psychic

The Akashic Records are an energetic archive of your soul’s eternal journey, past, present and future experiences. They are the record of your thoughts, words, actions, desires and emotions. An Akashic Records Reading will provide insights into your purpose, relationships, career and health. Akashic Records readings are good for understanding life patterns and karmic connections.

“Each set of Records is made up of two distinct parts: the energetic blueprint of the soul — outlining Divine Potential — and the catalogue of lifetimes experienced by a human being awakening to this blueprint and growing into Divine Potential, one lifetime at a time. I like to think of the Records as the “Cosmic Chronicles of You.” *Linda Howe.

The purpose of an Akashic Records reading is to bring forth the most important aspects of your soul’s journey for spiritual growth. The way to look at this is, "How do I best enhance my life with new spiritual insights?"

From The Michael Teachings:

"Before each of us begins our incarnational cycle on the planet, we choose one of seven Roles which serve as the blueprint for who we are, what special abilities we possess, and how we interact with others.

Our role is the type of soul we are, our special soul type, the spiritual archetype we embody. Every soul has a particular role that determines his dominant way of being. Although a soul can have only one role, there are secondary role influences from his essence twin and casting (mathematical position within the greater whole). We could say that our role is our primary style—it determines not so much what we do but how we tend to do whatever we choose to do. Anyone can do any activity, regardless of role, although each role tends to gravitate toward certain activities. For example, since sages are the cardinal expression role, they often like to disseminate information. However, a person should not assume that he is a sage just because he likes to do that—people of other roles may also have that characteristic. A role is not an exclusive, rigid set of behaviors."

The Roles Are:

~The Michael Teachings

“I’m told by the Dalai Lama that the Records are governed and protected by a group of nonphysical light beings called the Lords of the Records. When we access them, we are able to see the events and lessons of past incarnations. So, the Akashic Records are the soul-level blueprint and the catalog of experiences of an individual soul as it becomes aware of his or her spiritual journey through time.”

~Shirley MacLaine from
I'm Over All That: and Other Confessions
Simon & Shuster, Inc., 2012

My Code of Ethics

The Psychic Declaration of Principles

1. I am working to enhance the image of the metaphysical community by living with personal and professional integrity.

2. I am treating all persons equally without prejudice or discrimination because of sex, race, ethnic background, color, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation or sexual identity.

3. I am scrupulously avoiding fraudulent claims, practices, and promises, and I always strive for quality in readings and all metaphysical and spiritual work.

4. I am encouraging seekers to accept total responsibility for their lives and the choices they must make.

5. I am honoring others’ points of view, even those that differ from mine.

6. I am setting reasonable fees with no hidden costs or surprise fees. I do not keep the client falsely engaged just to increase my fee.

7. I am keeping all readings confidential and discreet.

8. I am not claiming 100% accuracy because no one has or is meant to have all the answers all the time. Spirit, God, and/or the Universe has a plan that is not always revealed to us.

9. I advise my clients that I am not a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, or medical doctor and therefore do not provide a diagnosis or psychological counseling.

10. I do not counsel that someone is about to die or has a terminal disease even if I feel serious illness may be present.

11. I never try to force clients to accept what I am telling them.

12. I keep the clients’ welfare in mind first. In cases where I feel I cannot psychically serve the customer, I advise them honestly and refer them to another psychic.

13. I promise to work conscientiously for the highest and best good of my clients.

The charges for tarot card readings are $60 for 30 minutes, Akashic Records Readings are $70 for 30 minutes and all readings are $120 for an hour. The charge for reading cards for guests at parties is $120 an hour. (Additional fees may apply. Please call for details.)

Bring a friend, get two readings. Get $10 OFF Each Full Reading!

I also offer a mini reading of 15 minutes for $30 at Meeker Mansion, Crystal Spirit and other Fairs. Please check my Events page for those dates. Sorry, no walk-ins, pets or children allowed

I am available daily except Friday for readings.

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You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a reading. Receiving a reading is to be considered entertainment and educational in nature and should be viewed as such. This information is for individual and private purposes. It is not intended for medical or psychological diagnosis or prognosis. Bill Champlin does not claim to treat or cure disease. If you choose to have a reading with Bill, you agree that there will be no guarantees, implied warranties or assurances of any kind. Bill is not responsible for interpretations made or used by recipients of messages. Information provided in your reading is not meant to be a substitute for services provided by a medical doctor, mental health professional, financial advisor, attorney or clergy person. After making a purchase you agree there will be no refunds issued.