Omg Bill was so spot on with everything! He was very polite and helpful. Have me allot of onsite new things! The cards read I would be starting a new job within 30 days although I wasn't really looking super hard within 2 weeks a got a call from a new job, which I started!! He showed me the man in my life is a Pieces and he was correct!! My Husband of years! Very pleasant clean working space and very professional.
- Erika R

Very accurate. During the general reading, he mentioned all the things I was going to ask. He definitely has a gift. I highly recommend Bill. You won't be disappointed.
- Camila Zelkanovic

Bill has an amazing gift! His reading was true and helpful. He made me feel comfortable and heard. He will record the reading so you can listen and reflect after. If you have anything you have been concerned about, go see him. You will not be disappointed.
- Kari

I found Bill when on a journey for an honest no nonsense card reader. I have had my cards read 2x in person and once on the phone.

I go back for the mere fact that he is transparent and quite accurate. My business had been up for sale for over a year and my broker was getting hits, but nothing solid. My first question to Bill was to see what cards revealed for my business... 10, 10 month, 10days, the number 10 and two came up so much. But he pinned down that my business should be sold in 10 weeks. 6 days later, I had an offer just below asking, and it closed 9.2 weeks later. He even stated the two was for either both businesses or two would women would purchase the one I was waiting on to go. All along I thought it was one female, because only one came in to sign the offer. But at closing, two women signed, because they were the LLC. Enough said!

I go back when I need some light shed on my businesses and he really does a fine job!!!
- Madeline F.

I have been to many psychics throughout my life and Bill is, by far, the best one I have ever been to. His predictions are spot on and the energy in his house is amazing. I highly recommend Bill to anyone looking for spiritual guidance or answers to spiritual questions. He will not judge you!
- James D

Absolutely great reading. Comfortable environment. I went with the need for direction to a particular situation. Gave no prior info and he was able to give me the knowledge, information and direction I needed. I feel extremely better about making a hard decision and definitely recommend Bill.
- Merika Mcmillan

HE IS 100% LEGIT. Over the years, I have had readings performed by other "psychics" and none were as accurate as him. His predictions have verifiable details which you can refer back to after the fact. I recommend that you see him in person and have him record the reading for you (he will email it to you after the session). Wait a month and play it back and you will be amazed. Just be honest with the questions you ask for the best results.
- L H

Bill is the amazing! I had a reading from Bill about three months ago. This is one of several over the last five years. His accuracy always amazes me. I was having health issues at the time and his reading was correct, predicting how it would go and a time frame. Additionally, he told me about a current relationship to include what was currently going on, and how it would progress in the next few months. I look forward to another reading from Bill soon and highly recommend Bill to anyone seeking insight to whatever they are facing. Thank you Bill!
- Thomas Bishop

i'm so glad i saw Bill, Everything he said was spot on, before i could ask my questions he told me just about everything that was on my mind, very detailed and comprehensive , very friendly and you instantly feel welcomed the moment you walk in, before i saw him i felt like a blindfolded person in a dark room, i left feeling amazing and hopeful, with a clear vision of what is ahead in my life, i didn't know what to expect, but i was very happy by the end of the session, and there's a free recorded version of the session. If you're looking for a REAL psychic spiritual advisor Bill Champlin is the one you need.
- Mike Graves

Moments ago I had a talk with Mr.Bill. I've been searching for years on end for help!! I got the help that I needed! Which is amazing! Also Mr.Bill is a VERY pleasent man. Once again, Thank you for helping me start my journey!
- Tyler Montague

I have had 2 readings from Bill....all I can say is he is AMAZING!!!! Everything that he saw in my readings have been 100% spot on...he has been given an amazing gift...it is unbelievable the things he picks up on....if you are looking for direction in your life to help figuring out where you are going in a relationship, career, finances, children, health, etc...SEE BILL...you wont be disappointed!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
- Mizz Sparkle

Incredibly dead on accurate. Ive seen Bill about 6 times and every time he nails it!
- Liz Kesler

Are you looking for a great Tarot reader and not having any luck? I suggest you check out my friend Bill. I have personally received readings from him and can tell you he is very accurate. Tell him Donald sent you.
- Donald Dalton

Bill is AMAZING...he has been given a true gift...I have had a few readings from him and he always has been 100% spot on...its really unbelievable...he is a very kind and gentle spiritual man...he always puts me at ease with his easy going disposition. He will tape with entire reading for you and send it to your email ..free of charge..so you don't forget what you talk about...I have been to a it of diffent physic or tarot readers in my life...but Bill is the real deal...you won't be disappointed...
- Gemma K

I saw Bill in February 2016 and I asked about changing my career field. He told me I would be changing to the exact job I had been applying for in April 2016 and he was exactly right! I am starting the new job that he mentioned April 18th, I would absolutely recommend seeing Bill.
- Brandy M

I have known Bill for some years now and have looked back on readings I have had from him as they come...I cannot wait to see this one as it comes and now I have a recording to refer back to. Thank you so much Bill for the readings and the Friendship. Spot on.
- Elise Morrill

Phenomenal! I had a reading from Bill the other day. His insight was spot on. He first saw exactly what was going on around my current situation without me ever telling him. Bill was able to give me some direction and foretold the end result. Bill has read for me before in the past and has always been clear and accurate. This last time however amazed me. Bill has a true gift as a Tarot card reader. I will keep coming back to him, and highly recommend him to anyone reading this.
- Christopher W

Bill is an amazing and accurate tarot reader. I didn't tell him anything and yet he knew what I wanted to ask him. If you want clarity and direction, definitely give him a try!.
- Monica from Seattle

Bill is so accurate and specific! He is amazing, just amazing!
- Sue from Olympia

Bill did a great job reading my cards. I had a question regarding a relationship and a rental problem. Both issues were covered with answers that were accurate. Bill is insightful and a caring person in his readings.
- Trish from Tacoma

Bill arrived a half hour ahead of schedule and was very well prepared. He was gracious and personable. Our neighbors at the Block Party enjoyed having their fortunes read.Bill arrived a half hour ahead of schedule and was very well prepared. He was gracious and personable. Our neighbors at the Block Party enjoyed having their fortunes read.
- Nancy from Kirkland

I would highly recommend Bill! He was extremely responsive which I greatly appreciated. Flexible and on top of times and scheduling. He was thoughtful enough to even consider dress. Really important things to me as the meeting planner, I was very impressed. Most important, GREAT readings. People were sharing their accurate readings all the following morning Our boss wasn't sure of our crowd and thought our sales staff might not be into it, but despite countless other entertainment venues, Bill and the other reader he was able to secure, were the FIRST vendor visited and had a line the entire night. I received AMAZING feedback all night and day. Thank you Bill!
- Tracy from Bellevue

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